“My 5 year old son, Max, who is Autistic, was struggling with anxiety , difficulty communicating and a variety of other sensory issues. Since starting his yoga classes with Ms. Angela Max has improved his focus, posture, communication skills but most importantly Max has learned new calming strategies that have improved his overall self-esteem. Ms. Angela is nurturing, gentle, patient and makes every class fun! This is by far one of the best therapies a child on the spectrum can benefit from.”


“In Angela’s yoga sessions, she has an amazing way of creating a space where She and the child connect; there’s a bond created that holds the space of safety and security for the child. She’s very calm, caring and is unbelievably loving with my daughter. When the sessions starts, she immediately becomes completely connected with her and really tunes in to her needs. She not only listens to my daughter, but watches and responds to what she needs physically and mentally; never pushing her if she’s needing something else that day. And because of that gentleness, I believe there’s been a trust formed and my daughter knows she’s safe. With that, they’ve been able to work together very well. But most admirable about the work Angela does, is that her work really encourages healthy progression through developmental periods. I’ve noticed a few times that my daughter has become a bit “stuck” and somewhat frustrated in a particular developmental stage – and after a yoga session, it helps her naturally find her way through it… the sessions become like the open gate to the next level for her. It’s truly amazing and we feel unbelievably fortunate to be working with such an amazing yoga teacher.”