SUP Yoga

Love being on the water? Ready to challenge your yoga practice? Or do you just like to try new things? SUP yoga could be just what you’re looking for!

What is SUP yoga? Stand Up Paddle Boarding + Yoga = fun, fitness and bliss!

SUP is one of the fastest growing sports in the world because it is accessible to so many people of all ages and fitness levels, including adaptive paddling for the disabled. Paddle yoga is an even more recent development in the SUP industry. No one seems to know for sure the first official Paddle Yoga lesson, but San Diego has been a hub for its growth. Trained by the highly rated San Diego Paddle Yoga crew, Angela will help you get to know your board, guide you through the basics of yoga and paddling and together we will launch out onto water. Angela will ensure that you feel comfortable and safe throughout your SUP yoga session; gently guiding you as you gain skill and confidence on your board.

Worried about falling in? I completely understand; I didn’t even stand up on the board until my second paddle session. We will work at your pace and comfort level, offering yoga postures that allow you to feel balanced on your board. No SUP or yoga experience is necessary.

Summer 2018 SUP Yoga classes are offered in Alameda (sign up here with Boardsports Alameda) the first Sunday of the month and alternating Fridays/Saturdays in Suisun (sign up here with Grizzly Waters.) Check out the SUP Yoga New Student Info page for more information about classes in Suisun.

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