Individual & Small Groups

YogaSprouts offers a unique yoga program designed to enhance the natural development of children. Our style of yoga is gentle and safe for babies, children and teens of all abilities.

“The purpose of yoga is to help each one of us achieve our highest potential and to experience health and happiness. Yoga uses breath, movement, physical posture, and voice to create an inward focus for developing concentration and body awareness. The objective of child’s yoga therapy is to stimulate the child’s development by gradually and sensitively helping expand his/her limits. Yoga therapy stimulates the major areas of development: gross motor, language, and personal/social skills. The yoga routine also helps children develop greater concentration, balance and composure in their daily lives.” –Yoga for the Special Child, by Sonia Sumar

The program starts with an individual consultation and continues with weekly 1 on 1 or small group yoga classes. Angela will lead your child through yoga activities including songs, breathing exercises, relaxation and calming techniques, and a series of physical postures specifically designed for your child’s unique needs. Benefits of yoga postures include improved strength, flexibility, balance, motor coordination, and digestion. Breath exercises increase lung capacity, clear the respiratory tract, oxygenate the blood, and calm the nervous system. A music and sound therapy component uses rhythm and melody to develop concentration, memory, coordination, and communication skills. When your child is ready to join small groups, the socialization component of the program will be realized as your child interacts with peers in yoga games, leads the group in posture sequences, and develops friendships by supporting peers through challenges and successes.