SUP Yoga = Summer Fun!

SUP Yoga = Summer Fun!

Summer is here and at YogaSprouts that means SUP Yoga is on! Partnering with Grizzly Waters in Suisun and Boardsports in Alameda, YogaSprouts offers weekly classes throughout the summer. Beginners and experienced paddlers/yogis are welcome. If you’re wondering if you can do SUP Yoga, Amelia Travis, founder of Stoked Yogi, answers that question well:

“If you can breathe, you can do yoga. If you can stand on one foot, you can paddle.” -Amelia Travis, founder of Stoked Yogi

Check out the dates and locations below. Sign up in advance online by clicking on the desired date/location. Registration closes 48 hours before class so be sure to sign up early! See you on the water!


6/3  @ 10:30am in Alameda

6/8  @ 9:00am in Suisun

6/16  @ 9:00am in Suisun

6/22  @ 9:00am in Suisun

7/1  @10:30am in Alameda

7/21  @ 9:00am in Suisun

7/27  @ 9:00am in Suisun

8/4  @ 9:00am in Suisun

8/5  @ 10:30am in Alameda

8/10  @ 9:00am in Suisun

8/18  @ 9:00am in Suisun

8/24  @ 9:00am in Suisun

9/2  @ 10:30am in Alameda