It’s pumpkin time!

It’s pumpkin time!


Hello! As autumn welcomes us with cooler temperatures, spooky costumes, and sweet treats, I welcome you to a new fall-learning yoga sequence! Read below to see how you can incorporate our favorite fall traditions into a fun-filled, language rich yoga class for your kids of all ages and all abilities. Also, for more education on speech and yoga, check out the yoga pamphlet – Fall HERE. (Printable for educators to share with families!)

Visuals help many of our children understand concepts we discuss. I encourage you to use the pictures below, photos from your own library, or picture icons (PECS) as you move through the lesson.

Start by taking slow, deep breaths- inhale as you reach your arms up like tall trees and exhale dropping your fingers down like falling leaves. Repeat several times.


It gets dark earlier at night and we can look outside our window before bed to see the moon. Stand up and reach your hands up to the night sky. Put your hands together and bend to the side like a crescent moon. Now bend to the other side like a crescent moon.


In the fall, the leaves change colors and fall to the ground. Make your body like a tree by balancing on one foot and placing the sole of the opposite foot on your strong, tree trunk leg. Now reach your arms up like branches. For language expansion- give each child a fall colored leaf, name the colors and count them. Then have the children drop the leaves into a pile and take turns jumping in the pile! Use simple social phrases like “My turn!” “3-2-1-jump!”


Next on our yoga adventure let’s go to the pumpkin patch and pick a pumpkin to make a jack-o-lantern. Sit with the soles of your feet together and knees apart. Put your finger tips together in front of you to make your arms round like a pumpkin. What kind of jack-o-lantern are you going to make? Then name some different emotions and practice making the facial expressions (this is great for oral-motor coordination and identifying emotions!) e.g., happy face, angry face, sad face, scared face, etc.

Do you know about animals in the fall?



Foxes grow thick fur to stay warm as the temperature gets cooler. Get on your hands and knees. Lift up one leg behind you like a foxes tail. Then lift up one hand like a paw. Can you balance here? Now put that leg down and try with your other leg and your other hand. You have excellent fox balance!

geese migratin

Birds like geese migrate (fly) south to warmer climates. Lay on your belly, reach your arms back and lift your head and arms like a bird soaring through the sky!

bear eating berries

Bears eat lots of food in the fall to prepare to hibernate all winter. Put your hands and feet down like bear paws and lift up your bear body. Go for a bear walk, stopping to eat lots of berries along the way!


When your bear tummy is full, lie down and take a long bear rest. When you’re ready to wake up stretch and growl like a bear- “grrrrr!”  *It is very important to finish every yoga practice with rest.

I hope you have fun! Safe and happy autumn wishes to you all!


Remember repetition is key to learning so practice, review and repeat as often as you and your children like!